Montu Motors Torque Controller for Skyline R32, R33, R34 GTR and GTS4

The main problem with the ATTESA system and accelerometers, is the response time. When taking a turn or taking off from a stop, the accelerometer needs to read the g forces of the car. This has a slight delay because of the older technology of the accelerometers, coupled with the older processors of the ATTESA computer. This causes a noticeable lag in response of the front differential.

This delay can cause the rear end to slide out and requires an abrupt correction, which can be unpredictable. Also, in launching, the car can loose traction before the front wheels get a chance to power the car. Our torque controllers remedy this by setting the front differential torque to a set value. Setting the dial to 0 will allow the rear tires to spin more then the front, but still send sufficient power to the front for cornering. Setting the dial to 10 will make the car 50/50 torque split at all times. The front differential will always be active and thus have maximum traction.

Also for those with a Skyline R32 GTR or GTS-4, there is a RWD option. This will deactivate the AWD system completely. The car will act like a 100% RWD car and the front tires will never be active with the drive train.


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