Testimonial: JDM Enthusiasts React to Our Inventory

Montu Motors Posted on 2016-06-19


Some customers react to visiting our location and seeing our inventory. Initial impressions of our customers are about how unique a lot of vehicles in our inventory are. A lot of people's interactions or knowledge of these cars come from video games, movies, or maybe reading online or in books from a general car enthusiast's perspective.


Actually getting to drive these cars however, is a totally different experience. From getting into the "passenger" side to drive it, to shifting with your left hand on manual-equipped cars, to having the turn signal stalk on the opposite side of the wheel. But as noted in the video above, once you get the hang of it, it's not that different from driving a US market car! Just don't forget what side of the car you're on when you're trying to stay in your lane!


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