Testimonial: Officer Matt Talks About his Nissan Skyline GTR in Denver.

Montu Motors Posted on 2016-05-20


Here we have Officer Matt talking about his Nissan Skyline GTR in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. Matt started in the car scene by building up muscle cars, and even a '91 Dodge Stealth RT Twin-Turbo with 444whp! While he was deployed in Afghanistan with an Army Reserve Unit in 2011, Matt said he planned to save up for a 2009 GT-R when he got back to the States. Realizing it would be more financially wise to go with the R32 GT-R, he began doing his research. He found us at Montu Motors and said the whole process was flawless. An interesting fact about Matt's car is it was the first GT-R that was legally imported into the US, crossing the Canadian border at 12:01am! Matt said he drives his car daily, and feels like a rockstar everytime he goes out.


Matt flew to Tampa from Denver to pick his GT-R up, and after the drive back home he swapped all the fluids. Matt then replaced the wheels with the R34 GT-R factory wheels and an R34 carbon fiber hood, as well as a carbon fiber trunk lid with a tall spoiler. He said he upped the boost a little and dyno tested the car and is currently at 307whp! Matt says he plans to get his GT-R to around 500-550whp, which he feels will be fast and still keep it's reliability. Matt told an interesting story about when he stopped by a Pep Boys after he got back home to buy all his fluids, and a Subaru group happened to be driving by. As he walked out, he found his car swarmed with admirers wanting to find out if Matt's car was legit! Matt said he was glad to show off his dream car, and also help the local community experience a dream car of many other enthusiasts! We would also like to thank Matt for his service, and wish him the best of luck!


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