Ricky's Nissan Skyline GTS-T 4 Door in New Orleans

Montu Motors Posted on 2016-04-27


Ricky talks about what it's like to purchase and drive a Nissan Skyline in USA. Ricky lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, and considers himself a Chevy guy, but has also owned a few Firebirds and a 300ZX Turbo. He got excited reading up on Skylines, and decided to follow through with adding another awesome car to his collection! He was skeptical of the potential scams with importers, concerned with actually getting the right car and also in good condition. He gave us at Montu Motors a shot, and said he was happy with that choice! Ricky opted for the 4-door GTS-T for the combo of power and comfort, being able to haul his buddies or even bring the ladies around in style. He flew in to Tampa, and drove the car back home, and complimented the car for it's reliability. Ricky said he had an easy time getting the car registered in Louisiana, with very little hassle. Being a valet driver with experience behind the wheel of lots of cars, he still considers the Skyline to be a higher quality car than many modern cars.


Since purchasing the car, Ricky has acquired some upgraded coilovers, speakers, and a nice set of wheels to compliment the Skyline's good looks. He is considering dropping the RB25DET in the future to up the car's power. And check out that active aero on the front bumper! Going to his hometown car meets, Ricky said he never fails to draw a big crowd, and gets a lot of attention on the road for having the steering wheel on "the wrong side"! After looking for his first right-hand drive import, Ricky couldn't be happier with his awesome Skyline!


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