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Montu Motors provides reliable sourcing and importing services for Japanese (JDM) vehicles that meet the 25 year exemption rule.

  • Auctions (150,000+ Cars per week)
  • Dealers (Thousands of JDM Auto Dealers)
  • Private Sellers

How Car Hunter Works:

  • Read ALL instructions before submitting the form.
  • Fill out the Car Hunter form. (Desired specs, realistic budget, and contact info)
  • Wait for us to contact you. (We will request more info or supply potential vehicles for purchase)
  • Be prepared to transfer 20% of the estimated cost. (Funds go towards the purchase of the car**)
  • FULL payment is required prior to Vehicle Leaving Port in Japan.

Financing Options:

  • If vehicle is currently 25 Years Old:
  • If vehicle needs to be stored in Japan until it turns 25 years old:
    • Cash Only
      • Cash from Savings
      • Personal or Collateral Bank Loan
      • Borrow from Family

Expected Fees: ($4,000 - $6,500 [10-30k car] From Door to Door + Vehicle Cost  [$30k+ car will occur additional fees])

  • Included in Fees:
    • Sourcing & Purchasing Services.
    • Pre & Post Purchase Inspections.
    • Transportation & Storage Fees
      • Japan Transport and Storage.
      • Transport from Japan to USA (via Boat).
      • Storage at Port in USA.
      • Domestic Shipping to Montu Motors.
    • Full Inspection & Legalization Services.
    • Basic Maintenance and Courtesy Wash.
    • Domestic Shipping IS AN ADDITIONAL COST.
  • Fees vary based on:
    • Size (Cubic Meter)
    • Weight (kg)
    • Delicacy (Special transport requirements)
    • Fill out the form for a quote.

**If you send a down payment for a vehicle and we do not win the Auction (or successfully purchase from other sources), you will have the choice to have the funds returned to you or for us to hold the funds for future bids/purchases.


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