Listen to our customers talk about their experiences of purchasing JDM cars and what it's like to drive right-hand-drive cars on US streets. If you're a customer and would like to be featured, let us know! Don't forget, if you're looking for something not in our inventory, contact our sales team, chances are, we may have what you're looking for on the way, if not, we can special order a car based on your requirements.

Officer Matt's GTR in Denver, CO


Glenn's GTR in Tennessee


Josh's Beat from Atlanta (Special Request)


Warren's GTR from Marietta, GA


Douglas's Galant VR4 from Tampa, FL


Don's Beat from Destin, FL


JDM Enthusiast react to some inventory


Trey's 10 Second GTR from South Carolina.


Ryan's GTR from Connecticut


Ricky's GTS-T 4-Door from New Orleans


Alex's GTS-T from Tampa, FL


Josh's GT-R from Charlotte, NC


Marcus's GTS-T from Charleston, SC


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